About Fix Security

We don’t have a silver bullet for cloud security.

But before we started building Fix Security, we interviewed and listened to the voices of over forty cloud security engineers. One theme resonated above all: the desire to “fix all the things.”

We all know that you can’t fix everything or always ensure 100% configuration, but this was their way of expressing frustration with existing processes. The traditional approach often paints security as the bad guy: security surfaces problems and engineering is stuck fixing them. The feedback loop is too long—security has to talk to engineering, but engineering doesn’t have context.

We created Fix Security to bridge this gap and transform security from a blocker to an enabler.

Why “Fix”?

We chose the name “Fix” because it encapsulates our mission. We designed Fix Security to simplify the process of fixing misconfigurations and make it easier for engineering teams to align security and speed.

Turning frustration into innovation

With Fix Security, we want to create an operating model where engineering and security teams work hand in hand to achieve their goals. Our goal is to give cloud security engineers the tools to protect their infrastructure without compromising innovation and speed.

Meet the team

We’ve built products for security, infrastructure, observability, and analytics.

We think modern cloud security combines the best of data collection, anomaly detection, and presentation of insights in a way that is actionable and understandable by a human.

  • Lukas Lösche

    Co-founder & CISO

    My background is in building secure distributed systems—from bare metal racked up in a data center running Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD to cloud platforms that securely connect vehicles, ships, and airplanes owned by the United States Government.

    At Fix Security, I spend my time on Zoom calls with our users and turn their needs and feedback into new product capabilities. I built our original open source asset inventory and security graph that’s now the foundation for Fix Security. The cloud is a graph, not a table—and security tooling should reflect that. I’m also our acting CISO, keeping our own infrastructure and systems secure.

    I’m a gamer by heart, and attend Gamescom in Cologne every year. My Tuesday nights are blocked for playing D&D, and I also maintain a pretty popular Valheim server Docker image.

  • Lars Kamp

    Co-founder & CEO

    I started with economics and statistics, but then found networks and computers much more interesting. At my last two companies, we built observability products for microservices, Kubernetes, data pipelines, and cloud warehouses.

    At Fix Security, I’m usually the first line of support for customers. I ask a lot of questions about your existing security stack and the compliance frameworks you need to track. Since I come from the cloud warehouse space and analytics engineering, I look at security data as just another data source that needs to be centralized and visualized in a dashboard.

    I love writing about startups with my “Building Distribution” Substack. And I track cloud security companies and open source projects in my “Cloud Security List”.

  • Matthias Veit

    Co-founder & CTO

    Before Fix Security, I was an Apache committer and the technical lead for Marathon, a highly available cluster scheduler for container orchestration for Apache Mesos. I also built the trip execution and vehicle dispatching system for MOIA, Volkswagen’s ride pooling service.

    I lead a team of engineers in creating the building blocks of Fix Security. This includes developing a search syntax that enables intuitive searching and traversing of our security graph without the hassle of a learning a complex graph query language. I also ensure that our unified data model works across all cloud resources Fix Security supports.

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