About Fix

But before we started building Fix, we interviewed and listened to the voices of over forty cloud security engineers. One theme resonated above all: the desire to “fix all the things.”

We all know that you can’t fix everything or always ensure 100% configuration, but this was their way of expressing frustration with existing processes. The traditional approach often paints security as the bad guy: security surfaces problems and engineering is stuck fixing them. The feedback loop is too long—security has to talk to engineering, but engineering doesn’t have context.

We created Fix to bridge this gap and transform security from a blocker to an enabler.

Why “Fix”?

We chose the name “Fix” because it encapsulates our mission. We designed Fix to simplify the process of fixing misconfigurations and make it easier for engineering teams to align security and speed.

Turning frustration into innovation

With Fix, we want to create an operating model where engineering and security teams work hand in hand to achieve their goals. Our goal is to give cloud security engineers the tools to protect their infrastructure without compromising innovation and speed.