Fix Security vs. AWS Config

Why engineers choose Fix Security over AWS Config

AWS Config is the native AWS service to discover, audit, and assess the configuration of your AWS resources. AWS Config is a regional service, so you need to set it up for each region in all of your AWS accounts.

Fix Security is an alternative to AWS Config with broader AWS resource coverage in all regions that works out-of-the-box for all of your AWS accounts. Unlike AWS Config, Fix also works in a multi-cloud environment and offers full-text search.

What Fix Security and AWS Config have in common

Both Fix Security and AWS Config provide an AWS cloud asset inventory to check your resources’ compliance posture, with a query language to search and filter for specific resources and their properties.

  • Cloud asset inventory

    Automatically discover resources in your AWS accounts, scan their configurations and create aggregate metrics across your accounts.

  • Compliance checks

    Run compliance checks against the resources in your accounts and create alerts when resources are misconfigured or non-compliant.

  • Resource relationships

    See how one resource is connected to another.

How Fix Security is different from AWS Config

AWS Config is targeted at AWS power users and requires access to the AWS Console, whereas Fix Security provides a more intuitive dashboard that non-AWS experts can also use.

Fix Security offers broader coverage of AWS services (over 200 services) than AWS Config (about 100 AWS services), and also works in every AWS region (AWS Config has coverage gaps). Fix Security also offers predictable per-cloud-account pricing, while AWS Config charges based on the number of conformance packs and configuration changes.

  • Security graph

    Fix Security’s graph view shows the interconnections between technologies running in your cloud environment and visualizes the pathways to all connected resources.

  • Data model

    The Fix unified data model minimizes provider-specific differences with a consistent naming scheme not only within AWS, but also across clouds.

  • Full-text search

    Fix Security offers blazing fast full-text search across your resources and their properties.

Security engineers at startups and Fortune 500 companies use Fix Security:

Electronic Arts

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