Fix Security vs. Wiz

Why engineers choose Fix Security over Wiz

Wiz is an enterprise cloud security platform built for CISOs and central security teams, with a broad feature set. Wiz also appeals to non-technical users like security analysts whose job it is to identify cloud misconfigurations and create tickets for engineering.

Fix Security is an alternative to Wiz for engineering and DevOps teams who want to integrate cloud security data into their developer workflows and prefer API-level access with the autonomy to define their own custom policies. Unlike Wiz, Fix Security also offers more purchasing flexibility, with a free tier and monthly pricing without annual commitments.

What Fix Security and Wiz have in common

It’s best to compare Fix with Wiz’s CSPM product and security graph. CSPM tools provide visibiltiy into your cloud inventory, identify misconfigurations that represent security risks and integrate data into remediation workflows.

  • Agentless coverage

    Connect to your cloud environment APIs, take snapshots of your inventory, and scan your cloud configuration and metadata.

  • Security graph

    Combine the full context of your cloud with resource information, for actionable information such as the blast radius of a misconfigured resource.

  • Multi-cloud visibility

    Get a unified view and ability to track your security posture with a common tool across all your cloud environments.

How Fix Security is different from Wiz

Let’s get one thing straight: Wiz is an amazing product that evangelized the use of graphs in cloud security. Their platform comes with many different components that address a variety of security needs, typically summarized under the acronym “CNAPP.”

If you’re the CISO of a Fortune 500 company, there’s probably not much you can do wrong by purchasing Wiz. But if you’re a smaller organization with less than 500 people and you want comparable features to Wiz’s graph-based CSPM without breaking your budget—then Fix is a great alternative to Wiz.

  • Open source

    Fix Security is entirely open source—giving you full transparency into how everything works, from resource models over data collection to policy checks.

  • Data model

    The Fix unified data model minimizes provider-specific differences with a consistent naming scheme across clouds. But Fix Security still gives you the flexibility and metadata of the provider-specific logic.

  • Customization

    There are (almost) no limits to the searches, policies and rules you can write with the Fix search syntax, so you can tailor Fix Security to your exact needs. We offer workshops and trainings to help you write custom policies.

Security engineers at startups and Fortune 500 companies use Fix Security:

Electronic Arts

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