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Strengthening cloud security posture with ISO 27001

ISO 27001 addresses confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Fix Security automates compliance and boosts cloud security visibility.

ISO/IEC 27001 is an internationally recognized standard for information security management systems. It provides a framework for organizations to protect their information assets and manage information security risks effectively.

This international standard is not just for large enterprises or regulated industries. It’s crucial for organizations of all sizes, including startups, that handle sensitive data. Its scalability ensures that any entity committed to protecting its information assets can benefit from this framework, enhancing its security posture and building trust with clients and partners.

A process-driven approach to security

At its core, ISO 27001 establishes, implements, maintains, and continually improves an information security management system. It’s crucial to understand that this standard goes beyond technology—it primarily focuses on processes and how you manage information security.

It defines the principles of confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA).

  • Confidentiality. Ensures that only authorized individuals can access sensitive information, protecting against risks like data breaches.

  • Integrity. Focuses on maintaining the accuracy and completeness of data, guarding against accidental or malicious alterations.

  • Availability. Ensures that information is accessible when needed, preventing disruptions to business operations.

The ISO 27001 standard guides organizations through risk assessment and management, helping them develop robust security policies and clear organizational structures. It emphasizes human resource security, ensuring employees understand their role in maintaining security.

By addressing these areas, ISO 27001 helps organizations protect against various threats, from external cyber attacks to internal human errors, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical information assets.

Controls and compliance checks

ISO 27001 defines controls to check information security posture. Controls are measures or safeguards to manage security risks and protect information assets.

Many controls can be automated, enabling efficient and continuous compliance monitoring. This automation is particularly valuable in cloud environments, where infrastructure changes rapidly.

Automatable controls typically cover:

  • Access management

  • Network security

  • Encryption

  • Logging

  • Backup configurations

Organizations can continuously monitor their compliance status by leveraging automation for these checks and quickly identify deviations.

Automating compliance with Fix Security

Fix Security automates these checks and offers hourly scans of your cloud accounts, providing real-time visibility into ISO 27001 compliance for automatable controls. This helps streamline compliance efforts, allowing you to focus on the strategic aspects of information security while ensuring the technical compliance of your cloud infrastructure.

ISO 27001 security benchmark in Fix Security

Each automated control gives you the following details:

  • Control description. A detailed explanation of the automated control.

  • Risk insights. The risks that vulnerable resources exhibit.

  • Remediation steps. Specific instructions to remediate the issue.

  • Vulnerable resources. A complete list of all resources failing this control.

Fix Security check with risk description, remediation and a list of failing resources

This information provides sufficient detail and context to understand a specific security benchmark and vulnerable resources’ security posture. Fix Security does not stop here but also gives you details about each detected vulnerable resource.

Vulnerable resource details in Fix Security

Strengthen your cloud security posture

Ready to strengthen your cloud security posture? Ensure your cloud infrastructure is compliant as it evolves. Get real-time visibility into your compliance status with a complete searchable asset inventory and alerting. Stay ahead of changing regulations with preconfigured benchmarks and dynamic compliance rules.

Transform your cloud security strategy and streamline your compliance efforts with Fix Security.

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